Persnickety Nick
2005 Silky Medium Wool Male

DOB 4/25/05

Certificate of Registration

Lanuda (Silky) Fibered Llama

Only 5 Outside Breedings Permitted

(4 Left)




5 Months Old


His Dam  is from the LW Kissam line and her dam is Minnihaha who was purchased in partnership by 2 farms at the Feathers and Friends Finale Fiesta Sale.



Lanuda Fiber. Correct Conformation. Destined to be a great Herd Sire.



Sire:  Bolivian Over Exposed 

Persnickety Nick

Born 4/25/05 (One Month Early and 20#)

Photos taken at 7 Days Old


 How he Got his Name.

I Want a Pony Ride.

OK, Now Giddy Up!



Please spay and neuter your pets!

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