Stacy Mashburn

My name is Stacy Mashburn, owner of KRS. I am a licensed veterinary technician (LVT) and a graduate from Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology. I completed my internship in Denver, CO at Alameda East where they film the hit TV show Emergency Vets.

I have been involved in the horse industry one way or another for the past 24 years. I started out at the age of 5 with my first pony. I later moved up to Quarter horses, Andalusians, Saddlebreds, then added Miniature horses to my string. I know, I jumped backed in size with the Miniatures but they are just so darn cute and fun!

I have always been fascinated by llamas since the day I first saw one in a zoo as a little girl. In 1998, after doing some research, we bought a young male to protect our goats and be the stable pet. He was a beautiful yearling male with correct conformation and a sweet white face. We started out with just him but soon one was not enough. We purchased a female companion for him of the same quality and after the first cria was born we were hooked. We then decided to become more involved with the llamas and started showing.

Since I have been showing horses professionally for my self and others since the age of 8, I thought that llamas shows would be same. Stressful, hectic and sometimes even cutthroat competitive. Boy, was I surprised at the difference! The competition was very friendly, with everyone happily offering information on anything from grooming techniques to performance tips.

Marji Henry is my P.R. person. She loves to mingle with other llama people, take show photos and is the main handler for Marbleous. Her fiance, Stephen Vickers is a dog trainer/behaviorlist who is a great help with the training of the llamas and show preparations. My cousin, Lori Mashburn is a physical therapist and is the main handler for the crias attending their first show. I am the handler for Maverick's Flaxen Boy, our top performance llama. We all have great fun at the shows and often just turn the whole weekend into one big llama party.

Marji and Marbles

Marji and Marbles
at the SSLA Spring Show

Flaxen's Frostie Chick and Lori Mashburn
at SSLA Spring Show

Budda and Stephen Vickers at the SSLA Spring Show

Showing llamas has always been fun for us but you still have to know what you are doing. Llama and horse shows have similar aspects but there are still several specifics for each in which one must learn. We decided to focus primarily on learning the rules and protocols at our first few shows instead of truly trying to compete. We still did great despite our being "greenhorns." To this day, our llamas are always placing in the high ribbons and we feel that it is all because of our breeding policy. Weather it be a dog, cat, llama, horse, etc., we here at KRS strongly feel that if the animal is not of a quality to better it's species, it should be sterilized and not used for breeding. There are way too many unwanted animals in the world due to people's neglect and greed. We do not breed many animals at our farm but what we do breed is top quality.


Please spay and neuter your pets!

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