2003 Regional Qualified
Halter and Pack

" Marbles" got a rough start in life by being born a month premature but after 3 days of intensive care he finally decided to stay with us. He never cared for the taste of grain as a juvenile so he was underweight and did not, at first, do as well in ring as we knew he could. As a yearling though, he changed his mind about llama chow and started to grow and fill out nicely. Today, our faith in little Marbles has paid off. He now impresses the judges with his color, heavy bone, straight conformation and yes, he even cheats by giving them kisses. Beauty and personality, he is simply Marbleous!

2002 Regional & National Qualifier

Born: May 25, 2001


Marbles is no longer available for breeding due to a back injury. He is at UTK where he is undergoing physical therapy and hamming it up with the Vets and Vet students.

  (He thinks he is at a Spa and does not want to come home)


Marbles was euthanized on 7/12/04.  We are awaiting the necropsy to determine what was wrong with him. All his test; Spinal Tap, Blood Work, X rays and Cat Scan showed no reason for him not to be able to get up. It was when Marbles became very depressed and no longer wanted to try to keep living that we gave up and let him go. Marbles was an incredible llama and will always be in our hearts.  Words can not describe how we feel at his loss.



05/03 Rocky Mt. Llama Show
Lt. Wool Yearling:
1st Place
Nov. Pack: 3 of 10

Middle TN Llama & Alpaca Show
Med. Wool Yearling: 3rd

Spring Show SSLA
Lt. Wool Juvenile Male: 3rd

North Carolina State Fair
Lt. Wool Yearling: 4 of 10

East TN Fall Llama & Alpaca Show
Lt. Wool Yearling: 3 of 6

GA National Fair
Lt. Wool Yearling: 4 of 19

2002 Southeastern Regional Championships
Lt. Wool Yearling Males 2nd Place

Top 5 Lt. Wool Males at the Southeastern Regional Championships



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