KRS Llama Herd List


Bidesign   ROM
DOB: 9/1/98 
Silverspirit x Balandra                   
Stud Service $1000

 Half Interest Offered

Heavy Wool/Tapada Fiber

Canaan   ROM
DOB: 7/21/02 
Prime Plus One x Chileana Corbatita    *FullChilean*          
Stud Service  $750.00

Half Interest Offered

Medium Wool/Tapada Fiber

Persnickety Nick 
DOB: 3/25/05 Show/Breeding
Bolivian Over Exposed X FFF Monica

  Stud Service $500 First Female Only

Lanuda/Silky Fiber

DOB: 10/12/2003
Show/Breeding   Bolivian Starmaker X FFF Monica


                Suri Fiber

Hard Rock's Crusade   DOB: 5/25/2005  Show/Breeding Campaign x Platana's Song
Stud Service $500 First Female Only

Lanuda/Silky Fiber

Dark Design
DOB: 11/13/2005
  Show/Breeding      Bidesign x Gulliver's Gray Lady

 ROM  $500 First Female Only

Medium/Tapada Fiber

Chilean Neiko  
DOB: 12/28/2005
  Show/Breeding Chileno San Juan x Chileana Corbatita  FULL CHILEAN from   IMPORTED parents!!

Heavy/Tapada Fiber

MV Ice Man                 DOB: 10/15/2003  Show/Breeding     PPR Wolfman x CHILENA LIPARI #038   Stud Service $1000  

Suri Fiber

Playen w/ My Zipper
DOB: 12/28/2006 
Show/Breeding Bidesign x Wild West Paulette      

     Stud Fee $500 for 1st Female Only. Regular Fee is $1000

Lanuda/Silky Fiber

Mucho's Skippen the Kissen  DOB: 5/21/06   Show/Breeding  Mucho Mas x FFF Monica   Stud Fee $500 for 1st Female Only. Regular Fee is $1000

Sinfully Delicious
DOB: 06/  /2007 
Show/Breeding GNLC Ballistic x Indian Peaks Amore         


$500 First Female Only

Lanuda/Silky Fiber

Tillman's High Gear 
DOB: 10/04/2006
Show/Breeding            FFF CHAMOSO x CHEPITA                   
FULL CHILEAN from Suri Sire &  IMPORTED Suri Dam

$1000 Stud Fee


Hard Rocks Hi Heat
  Show/Breeding              No Compromise on the Ridge (Brother to Vida Loca) x Senorita Chilean Oreo              

$1500 Stud Fee First Female Only

Grand or Res Grand at all 3 shows he has been in!

Reserve Grand Champion at SE Regional Championship!

Suri Fiber


Please spay and neuter your pets!

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