Half Friesian Filly


Friesian Sport Horse


Pictured at 8 Months of Age

356# at 7 Days Old

Should Mature Between 16.3 to 17.3

Dam: Pret e Meir - Percheron

If sold together, only $15,000.

See below for more information and separate pricing.

Sire: Pier v. Hollum - Friesian

FPS/FHANA Dutch registered Friesian stallion sired by the Dutch Approved stallion, Piter


$5,500. Mare Only

Price WILL increase when bred with Friesian Stallion this spring.

$12,000. Filly Only

Price WILL increase as she ages.




All Photos below taken 3-27-07

Full Blooded Ster Mare

(To Compare)



Fria at 8 Months


"Pretty with Winter Coat"

"Fria" with Winter Coat"



I can guarantee that you won't find a better mare for Friesian Cross breeding at this price.

~ Worth Her Weight in Gold ~

**This mare ADOPTED and PRODUCED  milk for a 2 month old orphaned Arabian filly. At the time she was open and had been  dry for 7 months.

Produced 2 Solid Black foals.

Halter broke and green broke to ride.

Did wonderful for A. I. and Vet exams.

16.2 Hands

Aprox 7 yrs per 2 veterinarians.


Has the appearance of a Classic Baroque Friesian Mare of Ster to Model Quality.

No papers on her but all of her foals CAN  be registered with the Frisian Sport Horse Registries so long as she is bred to either a Friesian  or Friesian Sport Horse Stallion.

Bred June 11th, & 12th in 2005.  Gave Birth on June 1st, 2006 with no problems and no assistance needed.


Extremely sweet nature. She would stay by a person's side all day to be petted if they let her. Follows me around the pasture and always wants to know what I am doing. Will be a dream to train for she's joined up with you before you can even make it into her pasture. 

Solid Black, NO white anywhere.

Looks of a full blooded Friesian.

Excellent Conformation.

Incredible floating movement with wonderful extensions at the trot. Natural collection at the canter yet she hits the ground soft.

At 4 Months of Age:

She is Halter Broke & Ties

At Liberty (no restraint) 

~ Stands Quietly for all 4 Feet to be Pick up & Held.

~ Stands Quietly for Full Body Grooming.

Currently Being Introduced to the Clippers. Stands Nicely at Liberty & Only Takes a Step Back When Her Nose Gets Tickled. Always Steps Back up on Her Own. 









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